Top 5 Worst Coffee Gifts

If you are a coffee snob then certainly you’ve received a coffee related gift that you were less than thrilled about. Of course it’s the thought that counts, and regular people just don’t know any better, but come on. Who thinks of some of this stuff?

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16 Responses to Top 5 Worst Coffee Gifts

  1. iheervoyses says:

    Nate, I’m disappointed. I was sure you would include the coffe gift that I have ever received. COCA COLA BLACK!!! YUCK!!!! This is without question the most hideous thing ever done to coffee. Unfortunately, it was a gift from my daughter, so daddy had to drink it in front of her. What god awful crap!!!!

  2. coffeenate1 says:

    Thanks for commenting! That reminds me of when I was little and made my parents some home-made egg nogg. I watched them drink it and I’m just happy they didn’t get salmonella!

  3. davideshafer says:

    Please tell me whats wrong, with Starbucks Via. As I understand it, its coffee beans ground to the point that they dissolve in hot water. Almost like Turkish ground coffee. Remember everyone who leaves a comment, comments are supposed to be constructive. Anything else is just an insult.

  4. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer Starbucks VIA is an instant coffee, hyped as being really good, but it is still instant coffee that is more expensive than regular brew. Coffee is not meant to be ground so fine and ‘dissolved’ in water. The finer the grind, the less amount of time the coffee can actually contact the water without making it bitter. You don’t drink the grounds of Turkish coffee :P If you like it, cool. I don’t insult other people’s coffee tastes, but VIA is a scam.

  5. davideshafer says:

    @coffeenate1 Have you done a show in which you explain turkish coffee? I’ve seen a few on youtube and it looks to me like their drinking the coffee grounds. I never see them employee a filter. And BTW, why would you boil coffee three times? That sounds remenisint of the old abaminable purculators that would just recycle and reheat water and grinds alike. Maybe I’m wrong, but both methods remind me of burned coffee.

  6. Diffrentjamsith says:

    When is that Norwegian Coffee thing I sent you coming up?

  7. coffeenate1 says:

    Hi there. While sending something doesn’t guarantee that there will be a video made about it, I have not received any product that fits that description. Sorry.

  8. Diffrentjamsith says:

    @coffeenate1 no you see, this has nothing to do with you vid, I sent you an email long ago. You promise to look into it

  9. coffeenate1 says:

    Now I remember. By ‘sent’ I was thinking of a package :) I did look into it, but I could not find any information about Norwegian style of making coffee. Do you have a link? Thanks for commenting and watching!!

  10. lewisbagsofflavour says:

    Good video

    That toaster coffee maker is similar to the teasmades we had in the UK in the 80’s. They were alarm clocks which made a cup of tea when they went off. Some had toasters, egg cookers and bacon grills. They were popular for a little bit until they caused a few house fires.

    What do you think of the Aeropress?

  11. coffeenate1 says:

    @lewisbagsofflavour Thank you! I really like the Aeropress, but it’s not my favorite. I prefer syphon pot brewed coffee! I’m not a fan of paper filtered coffee. I think it removes too much oil, which can make a smoother cup, but I like it a little dirty ;)

  12. ASFx2600 says:

    @davideshafer coffee beans that are ground start going stale immediately. It literally takes only 15 minutes for coffee beans to lose a large part of their taste after they’ve been ground. When you buy instant or preground coffee, you are getting a product that has already been ground for months, and will taste extremely stale and gross. People who buy things like foldgers or starbucks via only do so because they haven’t yet tasted good fresh coffee beans.

  13. davideshafer says:

    @ASFx2600 Which comment were you responding to? I agree with you about beans. However, if you seal them in a glass jar with a rubber seal they will keep for a bit longer. Ofcourse every time you open that jar you’ll loose some freshness. So I guess the only solution is to grind them as you need them.

  14. davideshafer says:

    Nate, what is your opinion of the K-Cup brewer? I am of the opinion that it is a nice electronic modification of the press method. You get a serving size perfect for one, and all the goodness you get with the press method. All the minerals and some of the sediment still end up in your cup. even a little mud. YUM!

  15. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer Actually I think quite the opposite. The Kcups use stale ground coffee, cost a lot of money, and create a lot of waste. I just posted about the pros and cons of the Kcup method last week coffeenate [.]com/keurig-k-cups-pros-and-cons/

  16. davideshafer says:

    @davideshafer I haven’t seen that yet. I’ll go watch it.

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