How To Cold Brew Coffee With The Toddy :: Video Tutorial :: Iced Coffee

You can brew coffee without electricity or heat! This video shows you how to cold brew coffee with The Toddy. Lower acid and a sweet & smooth flavor are reasons to give this method a shot. See the complete post at

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6 Responses to How To Cold Brew Coffee With The Toddy :: Video Tutorial :: Iced Coffee

  1. zzkabill says:

    You should get alot of new videos every day that will be really really cool.

  2. HellbillyCuntryMusic says:

    BEEE HEEEE!!!! cool vid..

  3. coffeenate1 says:

    @HellbillyCuntryMusic Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. TheHubUSA says:

    Hey, Nate. Nice video. Thanks for walking us through the process. I have a Toddy, and my instructions say to add a final total of 12 cups of water to the pound of coffee (and dilute it to 4:1). I find that it gets pretty frickin’ close to the top, and even overflows a little (which is terrible, considering what a mess coffee grinds can make), so I have been using a large stainless pot to mix it in prior to brewing, (and, as per the Toddy’s instructions) doing the 2 cups of water, (more)

  5. TheHubUSA says:

    half pound of coffee, 5 cups of water, 2nd half-pound of coffee, then the final 5 cups of water, stirring it (in the pot), then pouring it into the Toddy. After the 12 hr. brewing period, I pull the plug and watch the carafe fill right up. I’m tempted to press down to get a few more ounces out of it, but am concerned the remaining effluent will be weaker (yet somehow more acidic), and also that I might end up clogging the filter, so I end up with about 60 ounces of the concentrate. (one more)

  6. TheHubUSA says:

    When I am done, I poke out out the filter and reverse wash out the filter, hoping to push the grounds back out from when whence they came (and maybe giving myself a few extra brew cycles from the filter). Anyways, I appreciate your work, and thanks again for sharing.

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