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Catherine Piper cafe (Catherine & Piper) Lilyfield (Sydney)My review of Catherine Piper cafe in Sydney’s inner west

I recently came across the Catherine & Piper Cafe in Lilyfield, and today was my 2nd visit.

I’d been telling a friend about the Croque Monsieur, and she was eager to meet me there and check it out.

The Croque Monsieur arrives all alone on a large white plate, pierced through the heart with a green pimento olive on a long bamboo skewer.

First time I saw it, I thought, “Gee, is that it? Not much to eat …”

… and then I tasted it, and was so surprised – it tasted fantastic! A French Croque Monsieur traditionally has the cheese grilled on the outside – this has the cheese on the inside – but don’t let that fool you. There’s delicious ham inside, with a hint of mustard blended beautifully with the rich and yummy emmenthal cheese. No salad or frippery, but if you’re just looking for a yummy sandwich, this is delish.

Of course the next test is the coffee – so when the latte arrived, I gently breathed in the aroma and it smelled delicious. I slowly sipped – and got a shock of bitter crema – oh no! I tried another sip, and this time I tasted the creamy latte and all was right with the world.

A good reminder to not be put off on the first taste – perhaps it’s something you had just eaten beforehand. Give it a second chance, and it may turn out to be something truly delish.

Ahhh … two great sensations in the one cafe :-) My friend and I chatted for about three hours, talked about our website projects, our individual plans to create online products for our sites, how we’re going to go about that, and even came up with some great solutions :-)

A perfect end-of-winter day in Sydney’s inner west.

Have a great week!

Map for Catherine Piper Cafe

360 Catherine St, Lilyfield – Sydney’s inner west:,+360+catherine+st,+lilyfield+nsw&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=28.805654,64.863281&ie=UTF8&hq=catherine+and+piper+cafe,&hnear=360+Catherine+St,+Lilyfield+New+South+Wales+2040,+Australia&ll=-33.876324,151.164519&spn=0.007767,0.016243&z=16

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