Tide Wine Bar and Grill in Manly, Queensland

Tide Wine Bar and Grill

It probably wasn’t the BEST day to choose to walk along a wharf out to a little cafe/restaurant on the edge of Manly’s shore, but the rain has stopped temporarily and with belief that it would hold off, I headed out along the wharf to the Tide Wine Bar and Grill.

The wind was whipping around my clothing and my scarf was almost ripped off, but I powered on in the strong wind, sure that it would be worth it!

The flags atop the boats’ and yachts’ rigging were flapping wildly, the wind was howling, and anything metal was also rattling on this wind-crazy morning. All of these sounds created an eerie howling noise, which at first I thought was music coming from the cafe, but as I got closer I realised it was the music of the weather in the rigging etc.

As I stepped into this fabulous little haven on a storm-pending morning, I was greeted by gorgeous navy and white patterns on the beautiful wooden chairs (which looked very comfortable);  I spotted my friend in the far corner and headed over.

The lovely ladies serving us were friendly and in no time we had our hot drinks and breakfasts in front of us.

We stayed for two hours, very happy with the service, food and drinks, and location, and I was so pleased to have found another cafe to pop into so close to home.

Just before we decided to leave, the heavens opened. With one umbrella between us, we walked back to the carpark, the wind and rain whipping around our legs and backs, and by the time we reached my car, we were both drenched.

I felt like I’d just gone through the washing cycle, but without the blessing of a spin cycle after it. As I climbed into my car, the only thing on me which was dry was my hair. Oh what a sorry sight I was!

I quickly changed my plan about running some errands, and instead I drove straight home and put on dry, warm clothes — bliss!!  The squall outside was wet, wild and woolly, so I waited a few hours until it died down before ducking outside again to go run those errands.

All in all, this was a great place to have breakfast, and I can imagine it on a hot summer’s day — no doubt filled to the brim with happy customers.

10 out of 10!


Tide Wine Bar and Grill
1 Wyvernleigh Close
Tom Gunn Wharf
Manly Qld

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Le Bistro Cafe in Manly Qld

Le Bistro Cafe in Manly

Le Bistro Cafe in Manly Qld opened two days ago on Saturday 29th July 2017.

I was keen to check it out because (a) it has a French name! and (b) it’s a cafe :-)

Within walking distance of the Esplanade and the beach, the cafe looks cute – 5 little cafe-style tables and chairs on the footpath, and a hole-in-the-wall window where people can place their orders.

Be warned though :-) don’t step inside to place your order or you’ll be sent back outside — even if the beautiful ornate sofa and coffee table look inviting, you need to go outside first to place your order.

The Barista and other lady staff member were lovely and happy to chat.

I heard the Barista answering a question from another customer that this is a real estate agency who want to give back to the community by offering a cafe and pastries.

I ordered a plain croissant ($3.50) and a double-shot latte in a normal-sized latte glass (yes!). The coffee cost $4.50.

When the latte arrived it looked great, even though pale in colour.  Unfortunately the taste was too weak for my liking, and I would need a triple or quadruple shot, but I have no doubt it will be perfect for many other customers.

The croissant was sprinkled with stardust (no, not really, but it did look delicious!), sitting majestically on a little wooden serving plate, and I broke off an end — I couldn’t wait to taste it.

If you live in the Wynnum / Manly area, and you like cafes, it’s worth visiting this new little spot on the map, just 3 doors up from Cambridge Lane Cafe and across from the Manly Hotel.

Map to Le Bistro Cafe in Manly, Queensland


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Dramanti Artisan Roaster and Cafe in Wynnum

Dramanti Artisan Roaster and Cafe in Wynnum

I’ve just heard about Dramanti Artisan Roaster

The frosted sliding glass door in a tiny alley at the end of Edith Street, Wynnum (the railway end) between buildings doesn’t really indicate what’s inside — the cafe-style umbrella outside only gave a slight indication :-)

Wow! When I walked in the door, I was blown away by this “hole in the wall” almost-secret cafe. The aromas and the music, the layout, the city cafe feel to the place — a real hidden gem in this beach-side suburb.

The feel is industrial, cement floor, wall of mesh (backed with large hessian coffee bags) has a multitude of plants and a few paintings hanging off it;  a couple of large maps adorn another wall.

I’ve been told this cafe is owned by brothers who roast all their beans on the premises.

This place has a very lived-in feel, a variety of tables, benches, chairs, a few magazines on a table, a desert/cake glass-fronted cabinet. A rarity — power points high up on the walls to plugin laptops and smart phones – excellent!

My first cafe latte here

TIP!  If you like your coffee HOT, you need to ask for that when you order.  The milk here is heated to a temperature which avoids burning, and which means it may not be as hot as you like.

As with all cafes I go to for the first time,  I tried their latte to see where to go with the next one I order.  The coffee cup was quite small, just a couple of mouthfulls, so I definitely did not need a double-shot.  I did however wish I had at least twice the amount of liquid in a cup or glass :-)

The coffee was not hot enough for me, so now I know I need to ask for extra hot next time.

Dramanti Artisan Roaster Cafe Latte

Price: I think it was $3.60  – tasted great, but too small for me. Next time I’ll order a more normal size.

When I sat down at one of the few tables left, I noticed the menu so I had a quick read.  The bagel with chicken, avocado, tomato and mayo sounded quite good, so I ordered a rye one.  I cut it into quarters when it arrived, and the avo and mayo were oozing out invitingly around the outside of the bagel.  The taste was delicious! I highly recommend it!

Dramanti Artisan Roaster - Chicken Avocado Bagel

Price:  $9.00 — and quite filling!

All in all, an excellent find, a great new adventure — and definitely a place I’ll be coming back to!

Dramanti Artisan Roaster

94 Tingal Road (turn into the lane directly across from Edith Street)
Wynnum Qld

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A 41 inch bust – Coffee Quotation from Jayne Mansfield

A 41 inch bust

A 41 inch bust which Jayne Mansfield was famous for

And I’m sure she used it to her advantage :-)

I came across this quote today attributed to Jayne Mansfield, and I thought it was definitely worth sharing as a Coffee Quotation.

I haven’t posted much recently as the part of Australia where I live has been experiencing weeks of the worst heat wave in over 150 years.  What that means is I rarely felt like a hot coffee, as I was mostly too exhausted to make it myself or to go to a local cafe (unless they had airconditioning, which is rare in most cafes in Australia, even the tropical areas).

A Barista friend of mine said he’d been making coffees slightly cooler than usual because of the excessive heat.

I’ve never seen so many friends suffering from exhaustion and lack of energy — it’s been very wide spread and very hard to live with.

And then after a thunderstorm and rain last night, it IS slightly cooler today!

Relief! Yay! I’m feeling much better already :-)

Do you have any Coffee quotes you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them, even if they’re in foreign languages :-)

Teena signature

Teena Hughes

Did you enjoy this coffee update?

Drop me a note in the Comments below, and let me know what YOU love about coffee — I look forward to hearing from you.

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Update on Frenchies Cafe Wynnum Queensland

Update on Frenchies Cafe Wynnum - panorama shot

Quick Update on Frenchies Cafe Wynnum

Each time I come back to Frenchies [read my previous Review] (on Tuesdays at the moment), the staff greet me like a long-lost friend, warm and inviting, and today was no exception.

Tarnya saw me park my little Ford KA right out the front, so came to greet me, and said with her gorgeous smile, “If you text us, we’ll have your coffee ready when you arrive!” How cool is that?

Today Florent the Barista told me about their amazing Big Dog coffee, from the guru Peter Wolff (a German chap who’s lived in Australia for many years) – here’s a little card with the details:

Update on Frenchies Cafe Wynnum - Peter Wolff coffee Big Dog

On my last visit, the delightful Florent made me two lattes (I rarely have two, but it was a long visit), and delighted me both times with his coffee-top designing skills:

Dog faces on my lattes at Frenchies Cafe Wynnum

Lunch was a delicious (VERY filling!) club sandwich (3 slices of toast) – congrats to chef Andrew for this yummy-ness!

Once I’m living closer to this area, I’ll be able to pop in more often, and I can’t wait for that to happen :-)

Thanks again everyone! A la prochaine! (See you next time!)


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Did you enjoy this update on Frenchies Cafe?

Drop me a note in the Comments below, and let me know what YOU love about Frenchies — I look forward to hearing from you.

Where is Frenchies?

On the east coast of Australia, about 45 minutes from Brisbane, and 30 minutes north of Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island.

142 Bay Terrace
Wynnum QLD 4178

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Frenchies Cafe in Wynnum Qld

Heard of Frenchies Cafe in Wynnum? Fantastique! Woof!

Frenchies Cafe in Wynnum Qld - 4 photos


Before you start thinking this is a “French” cafe, stop right there — this is a doggie-friendly cafe named after French Bulldogs, commonly known as Frenchies — and the dogs are allowed inside!

Doggies are treated with a bowl of water, and can even order a Doggie-chino, frothy lactose-free milk with water.

Dare I say it? Best breakfast (brekkie) I’ve found so far in the Manly / Wynnum area!

Basic brekkie consists of:

  • 2 x scrambled or poached eggs
  • 2 x huge bacon rashers
  • 2 x slices of hot toast
  • delicious wedge of avocado
  • half a grilled tomato (NOT done in the microwave!) topped with
  • a handful of green salad (whose name I’m unaware of)
  • a good dollop of home-made tomato relish
  • not included in the price, but worth his weight in gold in the kitchen, was Chef Andrew.

All of this for the sum of $16.00, which beats many other cafes hands down, in my humble opinion.

Everything was cooked to perfection, served with a smile from the super friendly gorgeous server, Tarnya. (And YES Tarnya, it was waaaay too much food, but oh so delicious!)

The Coffee

Frenchies Cafe in Wynnum - the latteIt always takes me 2-3 times visiting a cafe to get the coffee just right.

I’m never sure how weak, strong, or ‘just right’ it’s going to be, so it’s worth the effort to chat with the Barista and work out what to ask for next time.

This coffee was made with love, is one and a half shots of espresso, and looks fabulous. After tasting, I know I’ll ask for a double shot in a glass next time, to make it a bit stronger (but then, I do love my coffee strong).

The Barista (a delightful French chap named Florent) said he’ll know exactly how to make it next time, and it was lovely to hear the staff encouraging me to return.

Overall this visit today is worthy of a 10/10 – thanks everyone for making my visit to your cafe so lovely!

Visited Frenchies Cafe in Wynnum?

Let me know what your experience was — send me an email by posting in the Comments below – thanks in advance!


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Cambridge Lane Cafe in Manly Qld

Cambridge Lane Cafe in Manly Qld has a modest front door, with many patrons choosing to walk down the short laneway between buildings, where the cafe tables and chairs are filled all year round.

Cambridge Lane Cafe in Manly Qld

For me, this cafe has a feel of Sydney and Melbourne about it – bustling, noisy (in a good way), good vibe, great food and good coffee.

In winter (which has been delightful this year in June/July/August 2016), patrons are outside on grey wintery days (with heaters on if necessary) and on gorgeous sunny days, basking in the sunshine.

The cafe has recently changed their back room around a bit, bringing the cash register/ordering area closer to the front, and it’s all good. The staff are always friendly and willing to help you work out what you need.

I ordered scrambled eggs on toast ($11), with a side of bacon ($5) which was served on a small plate with a dash of green salad and a little bowl of yummy tomato chutney.

Cambridge Lane Cafe in Manly Qld - bacon,eggs and latte

The Coffee

The coffee is good, even though it’s not my favourite in this district. I usually get a double-shot latte, but after many visits I just can’t get it to a point where I’m happy. That’s not to say that you won’t love it — many other people do, so certainly give it a shot (or two).

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Coopers Fish and Chip Cafe Manly Qld

I found Coopers Fish and Chip Cafe on one of my adventures to the Manly – Wynnum area, on the coast of Moreton Bay east of Brisbane.

Coopers Fish and Chip Cafe on the Esplanade at Manly, Qld

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Cuttlefish Cafe in Manly, Queensland

I’ve been living on a teeny tiny island off the east coast of Australia, about 45 minutes from Brisbane.

Manly yachts from the Cuttlefish cafe

Flikr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hwmobs/12260845234

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Starbucks why are you still here in Australia?

I ask you, “Starbucks why are you still here in Australia?”

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