What to do when a new Barista joins your local cafe?

Thoughts about getting used to a new Barista

Can the new Barista make a Cafe latte, thick and creamy? Fingers' crossedIt’s happened before and it’ll happen again – one of my favourite cafes has hired a new Barista, and I don’t like the way this person makes my lattes. (Bitter, not made with care.)

I know, I’m way too precious about my coffee – but when you’ve been going to one particular cafe for six years and both Baristas always served delicious thick and creamy lattes par excellence, it’s HARD to accept less-than-fabulous coffee. Even when a new Barista came some time ago, their skill and desire to create a great coffee experience for both of us was evident.

You might be wondering if I’m being a bit unfair to this poor new Barista, and to be honest, I don’t think I am. I’ve visited the cafe twice since they started, and was rather surprised to hear that this was the new permanent Barista. My surprise wasn’t totally because of the coffees served to me, my judgement also included several other coffees made by the same person (at a different location months ago) which I didn’t enjoy.

It’s hard to know what to do, but for the moment I think the sensible thing is to only have juice or other drinks while that particular Barista is working the coffee machine. There’s no point in me buying and paying for coffee I don’t like and don’t want to drink.

Still, it makes me wistful … but the optimist in me is ever so hopeful that some suggestions or tips from the owner might help this person re-find their mojo and make fabulous coffee – every time – for every customer.

Fingers’ crossed for the new Barista!

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