Tide Wine Bar and Grill in Manly, Queensland

Tide Wine Bar and Grill

It probably wasn’t the BEST day to choose to walk along a wharf out to a little cafe/restaurant on the edge of Manly’s shore, but the rain has stopped temporarily and with belief that it would hold off, I headed out along the wharf to the Tide Wine Bar and Grill.

The wind was whipping around my clothing and my scarf was almost ripped off, but I powered on in the strong wind, sure that it would be worth it!

The flags atop the boats’ and yachts’ rigging were flapping wildly, the wind was howling, and anything metal was also rattling on this wind-crazy morning. All of these sounds created an eerie howling noise, which at first I thought was music coming from the cafe, but as I got closer I realised it was the music of the weather in the rigging etc.

As I stepped into this fabulous little haven on a storm-pending morning, I was greeted by gorgeous navy and white patterns on the beautiful wooden chairs (which looked very comfortable);  I spotted my friend in the far corner and headed over.

The lovely ladies serving us were friendly and in no time we had our hot drinks and breakfasts in front of us.

We stayed for two hours, very happy with the service, food and drinks, and location, and I was so pleased to have found another cafe to pop into so close to home.

Just before we decided to leave, the heavens opened. With one umbrella between us, we walked back to the carpark, the wind and rain whipping around our legs and backs, and by the time we reached my car, we were both drenched.

I felt like I’d just gone through the washing cycle, but without the blessing of a spin cycle after it. As I climbed into my car, the only thing on me which was dry was my hair. Oh what a sorry sight I was!

I quickly changed my plan about running some errands, and instead I drove straight home and put on dry, warm clothes — bliss!!  The squall outside was wet, wild and woolly, so I waited a few hours until it died down before ducking outside again to go run those errands.

All in all, this was a great place to have breakfast, and I can imagine it on a hot summer’s day — no doubt filled to the brim with happy customers.

10 out of 10!


Tide Wine Bar and Grill
1 Wyvernleigh Close
Tom Gunn Wharf
Manly Qld

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