The Pour Kids Cafe in Malvern Vic

The Pour Kids cafe

The Pour Kids cafe in Malvern Victoria

Today I’m off to try my third café since moving to Melbourne, and I am quite excited – not just because I’m looking forward to finding a delicious, thick, creamy latte, but because I’m meeting up with my friend Lise who is a Francophile like me. The name of the café – THE POUR KIDS – looks French and so I’m keen to see what the place (and the coffee) is like :-)

It’s now a couple of hours later and I’m back home after visiting Pour Kids café.

I realised I had been there before, back in February and so my expectations were high.

When the latte arrived in a small coffee cup I was a bit surprised, and then I could see the broken bubbles on the top of some kind of froth, and I had my suspicions. After drinking a mouthfull, my suspicions were correct – a mediocre coffee – not even a latte – which tasted odd. I was so looking forward to a cup of robusta coffee, made as latte with a thick and creamy consistency. So disappointing. Lisa ordered a cafe mocha and she too was disappointed. I let the waiter know and he did offer us a second cup each – made by the same young lady, but we both declined. I asked if they would have a Barista making coffees on weekends but evidently it’s the same young lady.

The toasted baguette sandwich was a surprise too – chicken and leek, tasty enough, but rather small for $11.00, and no garnish or salad on the rather large white plate.

I’ll think I’ll be waiting a while before I return to the Pour Kids cafe.

1E Winter Street, Malvern
ph 9077 3847

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