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My faves might not be yours, but hey – this is my website … :o)

I *love* La Vazza, and have been buying it for over 10 years now. I love it so much I even attended a La Vazza class after hours to learn as much as I could about it.

Many of my friends around the world call me a Coffee Snob, but I prefer to think of myself as a Coffee Evangelist … sounds much nicer!

So here you’ll find links to La Vazza and other favorite coffees … enjoy!

La Vazza links

* La La La Vazza! va VOOM!
Read my impressions of La Vazza.
* La Vazza Classes
Want to be a coffee snob? Go to one of these classes and learn all about your favorite hot drink! Bore your friends at parties … trust me, it works, I’ve tried it myself, haha.

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