How To Use a Siphon / Vacuum Coffee Pot

In this video, I not only show you how to use a siphon pot, I also explain how the vacuum coffee brewing method works and why. Learn more at

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25 Responses to How To Use a Siphon / Vacuum Coffee Pot

  1. Godskid2009 says:

    i purchased a glass vacuum pot today from a thrift store. It looks like this one except mine don’t have the rubber filter. Mine has a glass plunger thing that hangs inside the glass vacuum tube

  2. coffeenate1 says:

    Sounds great! Yeah, the glass filter rod works well. It probably says “Cory” on the side? Same process, just a different filtering method. I would suggest a slightly coarser grind than with the nylon. Just about the same as autodrip and then adjust to your liking.

  3. Godskid2009 says:

    @coffeenate1 Yes, it does say corey. It is a thick tube with some weight to it. It works great. I had a good cup of coffee this morning and no grounds in the coffee.

  4. klarinetta says:

    I use a happy medium grind on the scale 1-13 on my Solis Scala for the Chemex method with good results. I used a coarser(around setting between # 4-5) setting today for my Bodum Santos and it clogged. I think I’ve never had it clog on this setting before. Then I tried #3 setting and it took at least 2 minutes to get the coffee down. And btw my grinder is only 8 or 9 months old. What could be wrong here ?

  5. davideshafer says:

    Ok, no.1 the french press method is superior BECAUSE of the sedement it leaves behide. and no.2 not all the water was drawn up into the upper chamber, so enjoy some watery coffee!

  6. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer Now now mr Shafer ;) The french press does make a great cup and many prefer it to the syphon, but not me! There are about 2 oz of water that remains in the bottom chamber, but this is a small amount compared to the 40 that are syphoned into the upper bowl. The syphon pot does not create a watery cup, that I can assure you! My favorite method is espresso, but the vac pot is my favorite non-espresso way. To each his own, and that is a great thing about coffee!

  7. davideshafer says:

    @coffeenate1 OK, I won’t argue with you on taste cause that’s a mater of personal preference. But I will argue that the french press combines the best attributes of the siphon and the auto drip coffee maker most people use. The press is easier to use when compared to the other, is more portable, and since most coffee sold in stores is coarse ground anyway, its also more economical. I rest my case and await your rebuttal.

  8. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer Since you seem to want to debate the topic, I will repeat that I love both methods. The syphon pot method is another great way to make coffee. There is not a competition. Preground coffee sold in stores is already stale, you would be better served to switch to whole bean and grind at home. The autodrip’s sole attribute is convenience, because the flavor is really subpar. French press and syphon pot totally crush the autodrip method and there is no comparison!

  9. squeeks7727 says:

    cook some real drugs

  10. winforwon says:

    @davideshafer Enjoy your overextracted french press

  11. davideshafer says:

    @winforwon Name one thing used for making coffee that isn’t over taxed.

  12. davideshafer says:

    Adding to my earlier comments, I like using the coffee press at work. I just use the coffe maker there at work to heat water. Then pore the hot water into my press, waite 4 minutes and then press down.

  13. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer That is an acceptable method as long as your coffee maker heats the water to the proper temperature. A lot of drip makers don’t heat the water enough. The french press is an excellent brewing method.

  14. dogs0n says:

    @klarinetta you could get a small gas burner, its not expensive.

  15. klarinetta says:

    @dogs0n Well my mother bought inexpensive 2 plate electric stove to have a side along with her induction cooker so now she can use pancake pans and my Bodum Santos pot.

  16. Bo1618 says:

    Wait, you actually drink the mud at the bottom of a cup of french press?

  17. Bo1618 says:

    About temp control

    Some people do not put the grounds in until after the water is in the upper chamber

    Some people don’t put the upper chamber on until after the water is at a boil

    Some people put a damp cloth on the bottom chamber, (or place the bottom chamber on a tile or stone counter for stove top pots) to cool it and speed up the vacuum.

    Have you tried out any of these methods?

  18. davideshafer says:

    @Bo1618 Ya! I add a little hot water to it, some milk and a bit of sugar and its like an espresso. A real strong espresso!

  19. coffeenate1 says:

    @Bo1618 Hi there! All excellent points! This video was made when I just began using the syphon brewing method, and I have since refined my technique to address all of these issues. I now wait until the water enters the upper chamber before adding the freshly ground coffee. I do place the stem of the upper chamber into the lower one, but only seal it when the water reaches 195 degrees. After the brewing time is complete, I put the brewer onto a raised cooling rack and blow on the lower pot.

  20. coffeenate1 says:

    @Bo1618 Thank you for raising these points and happy brewing!

  21. Bo1618 says:

    Ah cool, I was kind of puzzled by your technique.
    Here is my take on it.
    You can do it like you just explained or,
    You can put the grounds in before the water enters the upper chamber if you wait till the water is at a rolling boil before you attach the top to the bottom. It just makes it so the water enters the top faster so you get a more even time and temp.
    Either way works

  22. Bo1618 says:


    As for cooling, if the bottom is cooled the harder the vacuum. The closer to 9 atmospheres or pressure the closer it’s going to be to espresso?

  23. missmonasuzette says:

    @davideshafer If I may butt in here and post a comment made by a reviewer on Amazon regarding syphon verses French Press:

    “I didn’t think I’d use this much because it’s a bit more of a hassle than a french press, but I like the coffee it makes so much that I use it every day. I’m surprised it makes coffee that is better than the french press, but it does make it a lot smoother and the cup has absolutely no grounds or mud in it.”

  24. iuri271 says:

    Water vapor does not “take up more room” than air. The air above the water, when heated, will either gain volume or gain pressure. The air gains a slight amount of pressure and “pushes” the water the only place it can go, up the tube. This allows that air to stay at a lower pressure, but a higher volume. Also, for an eight cup siphon I believe one minute is too short a brewing time. I use: 2-3 cup 70 seconds, 5 cup a little less than 2 mins, and 8 cup about 3 full minutes

  25. coffeenate1 says:

    @iuri271 Thank you very much for pointing out my error! You are exactly correct…as you already know ;) I forgot my science classes and used a poor reference. I appreciate being reminded of the real science behind this most wonderful brewing method! I will be sure to do an updated video and post! Thanks again

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