La Vazza

My favorite coffee ….

I’ve been trying to think back to when I started using La Vazza. I had been drinking a different brand for years with friends, frequenting the same cafes, and then I met a new friend at a new cafe … and I was hooked! The flavour was soooo different, so delicious, I fell in love at first sip!

Finding coffee in a new country was difficult Finding coffee in a new country was difficult

I am an Australian and I’ve travelled widely and the one thing which makes me feel “at home” is to be able to have a latte, using the coffee of my choice; I always travel with my trusty Bialetti coffee pot which has now been seasoned from many years of use. I lived in Los Angeles for a while, and I worked out the best way to find my fave La Vazza coffee was to locate the Italian delicatessens and stores.

It became an adventure – I looked them up in the phone book, then visited the onES which were closest. After feeling homesick, the site of an Italian deli with shelves stocked with my favourite La Vazza and other goodies, brought tears to my eyes, haha! I was so happy! I couldn’t wait to get home to make a latte!

Books …

I have found some delightful books about coffee – some are practical guides, some are stories based around coffee and intrigue or humour … here is just a small selection. If you click on any of them, you’ll be taken to a new page with a lot more choices – I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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