Dramanti Artisan Roaster and Cafe in Wynnum

Dramanti Artisan Roaster and Cafe in Wynnum

I’ve just heard about Dramanti Artisan Roaster

The frosted sliding glass door in a tiny alley at the end of Edith Street, Wynnum (the railway end) between buildings doesn’t really indicate what’s inside — the cafe-style umbrella outside only gave a slight indication :-)

Wow! When I walked in the door, I was blown away by this “hole in the wall” almost-secret cafe. The aromas and the music, the layout, the city cafe feel to the place — a real hidden gem in this beach-side suburb.

The feel is industrial, cement floor, wall of mesh (backed with large hessian coffee bags) has a multitude of plants and a few paintings hanging off it;  a couple of large maps adorn another wall.

I’ve been told this cafe is owned by brothers who roast all their beans on the premises.

This place has a very lived-in feel, a variety of tables, benches, chairs, a few magazines on a table, a desert/cake glass-fronted cabinet. A rarity — power points high up on the walls to plugin laptops and smart phones – excellent!

My first cafe latte here

TIP!  If you like your coffee HOT, you need to ask for that when you order.  The milk here is heated to a temperature which avoids burning, and which means it may not be as hot as you like.

As with all cafes I go to for the first time,  I tried their latte to see where to go with the next one I order.  The coffee cup was quite small, just a couple of mouthfulls, so I definitely did not need a double-shot.  I did however wish I had at least twice the amount of liquid in a cup or glass :-)

The coffee was not hot enough for me, so now I know I need to ask for extra hot next time.

Dramanti Artisan Roaster Cafe Latte

Price: I think it was $3.60  – tasted great, but too small for me. Next time I’ll order a more normal size.

When I sat down at one of the few tables left, I noticed the menu so I had a quick read.  The bagel with chicken, avocado, tomato and mayo sounded quite good, so I ordered a rye one.  I cut it into quarters when it arrived, and the avo and mayo were oozing out invitingly around the outside of the bagel.  The taste was delicious! I highly recommend it!

Dramanti Artisan Roaster - Chicken Avocado Bagel

Price:  $9.00 — and quite filling!

All in all, an excellent find, a great new adventure — and definitely a place I’ll be coming back to!

Dramanti Artisan Roaster

94 Tingal Road (turn into the lane directly across from Edith Street)
Wynnum Qld

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