Cafe Mount St, North Sydney

I’ve been visiting Cafe Mount St in North Sydney a lot recently and grabbing a take-away coffee (or coffee-to-go), and on Tuesday I met up with Tony Hollingsworth in the chill of the morning.

We sat outside in the brisk wintry morning’s air and it was lovley to also meet JJ for the first time, a software developer.

I had contacted Tony to find out about the North Sydney Coffee Mornings as I wasn’t able to make it to my usual venue in Leichhardt for the Wednesday Inner West Sydney Coffee Morning – on Twitter as #wscm

It’s a funny story about how I got to find out this Nth Sydney meeting was in this particular cafe. One day last week I grabbed my “Sydney Coffee Morning” keep cup and popped it in my briefcase on my way to see a client.

When I got to the cafe and pulled it out, the Barista commented that I wasn’t the first one to bring this same coffee cup to his cafe. I was intrigued and found out it was Tony Hollingsworth who brought his “keep cup” along and hosted the North Sydney version of my favourite weekly meetings. I thought this was a pretty cool ‘6 degrees of separation’ story :-)

In fact I first found out about the Leichhardt group when I was searching online locally and came across – Tony Cosetino. I met up with Tony C in Leichhardt back in January, and have been part of the group ever since.

So the cafe – whose name escapes me (and who isn’t on Google Maps – yikes!) – is on Mount Street, south-side corner of Little Arthur Street in North Sydney.

They have toasted Turkish bread (with vegemite etc) and latte for the great price of $4.70 (together). The staff are friendly and the coffee’s great.

If you get a chance, pop in to say hello :-)


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