I don’t remember when I first realised I was a coffee fanatic evangelist.

Maybe it was after my first trip to Italy and all those cafes, or maybe after I’d lived in Paris for a couple of years … or maybe it was after being exposed to fabulous Italian coffee since my teenage years in Sydney, Australia.

Whenever it was, I’m glad it happened :-) I have a love of coffee, Baristas, crema, La Vazza, the aroma of coffee beans, the scintillating flavour of chocolate-covered coffee beans, a latte lovingly made by a barista who has a heart for coffee … and who knows how to embellish the latte with a design meant to swell my own heart …

And so here I am, writing about it, whenever I visit a cafe … so that means that over time there’ll be plenty of pages on this blog where I share my thoughts with you.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jason Coffee says:

    Hey Teena,

    Just wanted to reach out and connect.


    Jason Coffee

    • Barista says:

      Hey Jason! Thanks for dropping by!

      I am sooo sorry for the delay in responding — I’ve been remiss and haven’t been updating my coffee site this year, but the good news is — I’m now ready and raring to go!

      I’ve moved to a new location, the Gold Coast, which is in south east Queensland, Australia.

      Beaches, warm weather all year round, tourist destination to get away from the cities and feel laid-back and relaxed — hey, it’s working for me!

      I’ve been here a few weeks and have just found my new BFF cafe — first great latte I’ve had in a sit down cafe since I arrived :-)

      I’ve checked out your site, looks great, good job!! I’ll make sure to come visit regularly.

      Have a gorgeous day wherever you are!
      Ciao for now

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