#1 The French Press Coffee Tips

Think you have to have a brewer that costs hundreds of dollars to make a quality cup of java? NO, you can produce a superior cup of coffee with the cheapest method going, they French Press. The underrated brewer is very inexpensive and easy to use.

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25 Responses to #1 The French Press Coffee Tips

  1. 1too3fore says:

    you should also add a small bit of salt to the french press before steeping to enhance the flavors and greatly reduce any bitterness.

  2. DKNKM says:

    Are you talking about 4oz cups?

  3. nile00000 says:

    nice tip, thanx

  4. John27346 says:

    I listened to this guy attentively until he mentioned the words “fairtrade” and “organic”. Fairtrade doesn’t necessarily mean the coffee tastes better and I would argue the same about organic.

  5. coffeenate1 says:

    Hi John! I don’t argue your point one bit. I just prefer to find quality coffees that are also fairtrade or otherwise ethically traded, and organic is also a preference of mine. I have my own preferences, and you have yours…and that is cool. This was actually my very first video ever, and my technique has changed. I just completed another french press techniques video that you can see on my site. It was too long for YouTube :( Thanks again for watching!

  6. coffeenate1 says:

    You are very welcome! Thank you for watching!

  7. coffeenate1 says:

    Yes, it is “8 cups” European cups, which are 4 oz.

  8. John27346 says:

    @coffeenate1 I’m not against fairtrade per se and your video is very helpful.

  9. iamLEGAND223 says:

    but you shouldn’t leave the coffee in there for too long or it will get bitter.

  10. ElJefedeJefes9 says:

    Shouldn’t you use a wooden utensil instead of a metal one, when stirring the coffee…

  11. coffeenate1 says:

    @ElJefedeJefes9 I guess a wooden utensil would be easier on the glass, but I no longer employ any stirring technique. This video was my first ever and I have refined my method. Stirring causes the temperature of the water to drop quickly and inhibits proper extraction. You can see my current method at coffeenate{dot}com/how-to-french-press-coffee-technique (YouTube doesn’t like links!)

  12. coffeenate1 says:

    @iamLEGAND223 You’re right..drink it right away!

  13. coffeenate1 says:

    @058467 Sorry for the extreme delay. I didn’t notice your comment till now. I have refined my technique and the video was too long for my YouTube channel. Check it out at coffeenate{dot}com/how-to-fren­ch-press-coffee-technique (YouTube doesn’t like links!) I explain all of my reasons too :)

  14. coffeenate1 says:

    @1too3fore Never add salt to your coffee. If your coffee is too bitter, then you are either using extremely subpar beans, or your grind is too fine. Check out this video for more help :) coffeenate{dot}com/how-to-fren­ch-press-coffee-technique (YouTube doesn’t like links!)

  15. davideshafer says:

    It makes THE best cup of coffee DAMM IT! At least we agree on the 2 tbls per cup rule. Although I would consider that a weak cup. I’m known for brewing desel. At the end you mentioned removing the coffee so it wouldn’t cool so quickly. Its more important to remove it from the press cause the grinds in the bottom will make the coffee taste bitter. Thats cause the grounds are still cooking and slowly burning.

  16. coffeenate1 says:

    @davideshafer You are absolutely correct! This was my very first video :) I have an updated french press video that shows a couple of different techniques. I now weigh my coffee instead of using a tablespoon. Thanks for watching!

  17. gullreefclub says:

    Overall not a bad bit of info but I thnk you missed a couple of things Preheat the pot, use a wooden stirred, I use a chop stick. If you use cream or milk pre-warm it. Lastly tablespoon is not the same size table spoon that you use at the dinner table

  18. coffeenate1 says:

    @gullreefclub Thank you! This is my first video from 2 years ago when I first started my coffee journey. I now use a no-stir method as I show in a later video. Can’t leave links in comments :P I now actually weigh my beans as lighter roasts are more dense than darker, which can cause inconsistent batches if you measure by volume instead of mass. Take care

  19. SolarizeYourLife says:

    96°C water

  20. SolarizeYourLife says:

    96°C water!

  21. NamesROverated says:

    I like how you said “Caraff” instead of “carafe’ ” you know, with the accent :P

  22. Goldil08 says:

    Thanks for this video. And thank you for recommending a burr grinder. That will be my next purchase. Best of luck! =)

  23. WarzoneMerc says:

    Great coffee only issue it games me heart burn. Great vid

  24. DaigleChase says:

    @iamLEGAND223 That depends, it is bitter because of an increase in caffeine if you need to stay up steep away, but caffeine is very bitter.

  25. jhl605 says:

    Love the shirt

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